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Lending Some Adventure

Kids who spend  time in wild nature reap all kinds of benefits, including improved physical and mental health, lower stress, and higher confidence. Yet many kids and their families have never camped nor hiked. The biggest  barrier to getting in the woods? The significant cost of outdoor gear. Now, “gear libraries” across the United States are addressing this challenge by enabling many organizations serving youths to use borrowed gear—for free.

The 8 Best Destinations for Outdoor Yoga

No longer confined to the walls of a studio, yoga has made its way into many outdoor-adventure activities. People practice yoga on cliffs, in forests, on standup paddleboards (SUP), and in the snow (“snowga”). Devotees use yoga to get exercise, to feel grounded, and to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to their hectic lives—many of the same reasons people spend time in nature. Proponents say combining yoga and outdoor pursuits can deepen the benefits of each. 

In Defense of Glamping

Among the outdoorsy set, few topics are as likely to spark heated debate as the trend known as “glamping” (an ugly mash-up of “glamour” and “camping”). The term conjures up accommodations that are at once posh and woodsy. Think: Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouses, safari tents with high-thread-count linens, tepees with wi-fi. For some, glamping is simply camping made more comfortable. Others have a darker view.